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Welcome to the Website of Alisa Khan and Allister Khan, Attorneys at Law. Both Alisa and Allister have offices located at No. 35 Richmond Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.



About Alisa Khan


Alisa Khan is an Attorney at Law who was admitted to the bar in Trinidad and Tobago in October 2000.


She was a member of Trinity Chambers from 2000 – 2013. She is currently a member of Invictus Chambers and is involved primarily in Civil Litigation.

Alisa's Areas of Practice include: 


Contract  Law /Family Law including contested divorces, custody and complex property settlement matters/ Land Law/ Probate including  fraudulent wills and contentious estates  / Company Law/ Conveyancing/ Employment Law/ Debt collections / Tort/ Defamation /Constitutional Law/ Commercial Law/Judicial Review /Personal Injury. For a complete list see here 


About Allister Khan


Allister Khan has been practising law in Trinidad and Tobago for the last 13+ years. 

In 2008 Allister began his practice at Trinity Chambers, Edward Street Port of Spain under Mr. Desmond Allum S.C.   


Allister's Areas of Practice include:

Civil Law including but not limited to Medical Negligence, Personal Injury, Contract, Defamation, Malicious Prosecution, Trespass to the Person, False Imprisonment,   Industrial (Labour) and Employment Law,  Property Law and Conveyancing, Probate Law including  fraudulent wills and contentious estates, Company / Corporate Law, Equal Opportunity. For a complete list see here 





News & Publications



Due to the current pandemic, Covid-19, our Law Chambers remain closed but online conferences are available by appointment only. 





Recommended Publications:



Addison Khan - The Law of Labour and Employment Disputes in Trinidad and Tobago


Addison Khan - A Guide to the Occupational Safety and Health Acts, 2004 - 2006 of Trinidad and Tobago



Contact Us



Alisa Khan
+1(868) 610-3789
Allister Khan
+1(868) 483-1395


35 Richmond Street

Port of Spain



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